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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
11:23 pm
I desire to grow... will you join us?
Join us!
Become more powerful!

You can become more powerful by do one or more of the following:

Create a new LJ in the following manner:
- A: "User" is to be #####_of_100000 where "#####" is a number between 00002 & 99999.
- B: Your LJ "Name" can be the same as your "User" name (i.e. 00023_of_100000 ) or other as you wish.
- C: List one of your "Interests" as ओ (which is coded as " &# 23 23 ;" WITH-OUT the quotes or blank spaces) the easiest way to do this is to go to the LJ of 00001_of_100000 & use the [Modify yours] button at the end of their "Interests" list. This is IMPORTANT as this will be the easiest way for us to create a list of all the new LJs; and will make the above step "A" easier because we will be able to quickly see which #s have been used and which are still available.

To quickly see which of our #s have been used and which are still available go to the LJ interests search page here:
and enter ओ into the [ ] field (box) after the "Find people & communities interested in:" then click on the [Find] button
from any LJ User Info page, enter ओ into the Search: [ ] field (box) & enter "Interest" into the Category: [ ] field (box) then click on the [Search] button.

- D: Join the LJ community "Community of 100k" (LJ User: 000_com_of_100k)

Then repost this post on your LJ &/or on other communities &/or email it out to those not on LJ, &/or

There is power in numbers!
- Become one of the new LJers before all the good LJ "User" #####_of_100000 are gone!
1:23 am
Greetings fellow bloggers!
It is good to be alive!

Current Mood: good
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